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Homeowner Payments

The 2023 assessments are $28.24 per month, due on the first of the month.

We are proud to offer several options for Homeowners to pay assessments:

Dear Indian Lakes Association Homeowner:


Your Board of Directors has entered into a contract with The Select Group, Inc. to provide the financial management services for the Association affective September 1, 2023. This service includes the collection and recording of all payments from you, the owners. Should you have questions regarding your homeowner account, please contact the Select Group at (757-486-6000) after September 1st and ask for one of our knowledgeable staff members in our Accounts Receivable Department for assistance. While you will continue to work with Tiffanie Smith, your on-site manager for all your other association needs, Tiffanie and the ILA office Assistant will not be able to assist you with your account.


To facilitate the payment of your monthly assessment, you may choose the following payment options. This is effective as of September 1st: (No late fees will be applied for September or October, and you will still use your current account number.)


  • ACH – If you are interested in enrolling to have your payment made via ACH, please fill out and return the enclosed ACH Form. We will then debit your account each month to ensure that your payment is made on time. Please return the ACH form as quickly as possible, should you choose this means of payment.


  • Online Payments through your bank’s bill payment - Make sure to provide your bank with the address to mail your payment. The new billing address is:

                                                P.O. Box 98165

                                                Phoenix, AZ 85038-0165


You will need the Select Group management ID number #4555, the Community ID #_217 and your account number, which is the same account number currently used. (Please note that applicable fees charged by the bank will be charged to homeowners utilizing this feature. There are no charges for e-checks).


  • Mailing - To mail individual payments please mail them to the new address at:

                                                 The Indian Lakes Association

                                                 P.O. Box 98165

                                                 Phoenix, AZ 85038-0165

                                                 Checks should be made payable to: The Indian Lakes Association


All of us at The Select Group look forward to partnering with you, Tiffanie, and your Board of Directors! Very Truly,

Jill C. Albright, CMCA®, AMS®, PCAM®

Director of Community Management





Community Association Management · 2224 Virginia Beach Boulevard · Suites 201/202 ·            Virginia Beach, Virginia 23454

Phone (757) 486-6000 · Fax (757) 486-6988 · email:


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